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Press Releases, Latest News, Recent Projects


Press Releases, Latest News, Recent Projects

MDOT Hub Ring Project

Integral Blue recently worked with the Michigan Department of Transportation to provide a seamless transition from a leased fiber network to an MDOT owned, private 10 Gb fiber optic network.

MDOT ITS Device Modernization Plan

Over the years, IB has helped MDOT integrate a vast amount of traffic devices and equipment as well as provide maintenance services to maximize the lifespan of the ITS technologies.

MDOT ITS Network and Infrastructure Support Services

Since 2013, Integral Blue (IB) has advanced transportation safety and mobility in Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas by providing MDOT with ongoing support and performance-based maintenance services for all ITS technologies deployed across the state.

ITS Integration for I-75 Modernization Project

Integral Blue (IB) was recently selected to deploy and integrate an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) along the I-75 freeway. This phase of the construction included 5.5 miles of reconstruction and realignment of I-75 mainline and ramps. 

Washtenaw Countywide Interconnect System Upgrade

Integral Blue (IB) was brought in as a consultant to provide the concept of operations, proposed network architecture, and planning guidance including equipment recommendations, wireless network improvements for redundancy, and other end-user enhancements.

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