IB Provides Intelligent Transportation Consulting for Las Vegas and Clark County, NV

Connected Vehicle Training in Las Vegas, Nevada

As a leader in the Intelligent Transportation (ITS) industry, Integral Blue (IB) has helped DOTs, municipalities and other Infrastructure Owner Operators (IOOs) prepare their freeways and arterial roadways to communicate with Connected Vehicles (CV).

What is Connected Vehicle (CV) Technology?

Connected Vehicle technology connects cars, infrastructure and other systems together to share information that helps drivers make decisions.

For example, a traffic signal can tell an equipped vehicle how many seconds are left in the green light before it turns yellow. Or Curve Speed Warnings (CSW) can warn drivers that are going too fast around a difficult or dangerous curve.

This bi-directional information is exchanged using dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and is transmitted between Roadside Units (RSUs) and an equipped vehicle.

The Growing Need for CV Training

DOTs and other agencies have been aggressively adopting and deploying this bleeding edge CV technology. As a result, many IOOs have been left with the task of figuring out how to maintain the CV infrastructure on their own or, they continue to rely on the vendor for support.

In order to bridge this gap between installation and maintenance, IB has provided IOOs with training on how to integrate and maintain CV RSUs. These IOOs include Macomb County Road Commission and the City of Las Vegas in Clark County, Nevada.

The most recent training was for the City of Las Vegas.

Connected Vehicle Training for the City of Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas CV Training Overview

Ted Sadler, IB’s Connected Vehicle Specialist, delivered extensive training on RSU testing, connection, network (IP) configuration, MAP configuration, SPAT (signal controller) configuration as well as the backup and restoration of RSU settings.

More specifically the training included the following but was not limited to:

  • Introduction to CV technology and the standard BSM, MAP, SPAT and TIM messaging
  • RSU hardware components and installation
  • Preparing network communications with appropriate bandwidth and reliable equipment
  • Mitigating problems by understanding the network requirements
  • Protecting the drivers, infrastructure and data of the network
  • Planning for replacement devices and mitigating obsolescence
  • Operation of Back Office / Central Management Systems (CMS)
  • Network Monitoring Systems (NMS) such as network health, bandwidth usage and device uptime
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Ongoing field verification that RSUs and other infrastructure components are operating properly
  • Routine maintenance tasks to ensure healthy, ongoing CV operations

About Integral Blue’s CV Training and Consulting

As an active integrator and maintenance provider for ITS systems and CV infrastructure, IB brings an unparalleled value to IOOs as their daily maintenance operations allow them to better predict and identify near and long term outcomes.

DOTs, municipalities, agencies as well as other ITS consultants have relied on IB for their extensive knowledge and unique perspective from maintaining ITS technology and regularly working with clients to improve their transportation systems.

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