MDOT Hub Ring Project

Integral Blue recently worked with the Michigan Department of Transportation to provide a seamless transition from a leased fiber network to an MDOT owned, private 10 Gb fiber optic network.

The new 10 Gb fiber optic ring allows for redundant pathways while giving MDOT full control of their network. An independent network eliminates the downtime and extra costs often associated with being tied to another carrier.  Consistent and uninterrupted data is crucial when emergency responders rely heavily on live camera footage to respond to incidents in real-time.

This intelligent system is designed so that freeway disruptions or power outages will not interrupt the cameras managed by 911 dispatchers and MDOT operators. If there is any interruption in communications at one location, advanced routing features will redirect devices automatically, keeping communications intact and devices online.

Integral Blue’s Role in the Hub Ring Project

IB was the ITS integrator on the project which included performing over 7700 fiber optic splices.   This migration from an existing leased fiber optic network and edge wireless radios required a careful and methodical approach to ensure no disruption in current network operations.

A migration plan was produced and delivered, detailing the entire cutover process step by step. IB conducted a large-scale mock-up in a lab to prepare test the new network devices, finalize configurations, and simulate the network migration.

IB continues to provide maintenance for all ITS devices and network components necessary for transmitting critical traffic information to MDOT’s Transportation Operation Centers (TOCs). This system includes over 1,200 roadside cabinets, Ethernet switches, hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable, wireless radios, cellular and cable modems, cabinet monitors, power distribution units and uninterruptible power supplies.

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