MDOT ITS Network and Infrastructure Support Services

Since 2013, Integral Blue (IB) has advanced transportation safety and mobility in Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas by providing MDOT with ongoing support and performance-based maintenance services for all ITS technologies deployed across the state.

MDOT ITS Technologies Include:

  • Over 240 Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
  • Over 750 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras
  • Over 715 Microwave Vehicle Detection Systems (MVDS)
  • 6 Travel Time Signs
  • 6 Speed Curve Warning System Sites
  • 13 Truck Parking and Information Management System (TPIMS) Sites
  • 1 Border Wait Time System
  • 33 Integrated Corridor Management Dynamic Trailblazer Panel Signs
  • 1 Wrong Way Driver System
  • 1 Flex Route System
  • 23 Steel Lattice Communication Towers and Shelters

Maintenance services begin with making sure ITS edge components, such as those defined above, are fully operational on Michigan roadways. To do this, IB utilizes the SolarWinds Orion network monitoring system (NMS) to monitor device and network health. This allows the IB maintenance team to proactively make corrections and repairs before MDOT traffic operations are affected. Orion is also equipped with network analytics capabilities that can detect spikes in network usage, drops in performance and even security events that could indicate system compromise.

MDOT ITS Network and Infrastructure Support Services

Preventative maintenance is another key to successful maintenance, ensuring that corrections and repairs can be made before full system failures can happen. To facilitate efficient preventative maintenance, Integral Blue developed a detailed preventative maintenance plan for all devices and systems throughout the state.

Additionally, IB monitors and maintains all ancillary cabinet and communications components necessary for transmitting critical traffic information to MDOT’s Transportation Operation Centers (TOCs). This system is composed of over 1,200 roadside cabinets, Ethernet switches, hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable, licensed and unlicensed wireless radios, cellular and cable modems, cabinet monitors, power distribution units and uninterruptible power supplies.

MDOT ITS Network and Infrastructure Support Services

MDOT’s Transportation Operation Centers monitor the traffic sensors and video feeds from CCTV cameras and other devices, sharing this information in near-real time with first responders, law enforcement, the media and the public. Each TOC is equipped with head-end equipment for the monitoring and management of these systems, including large, ceiling-height video wall displays capable of viewing several video feeds at one time and platforms that enable advanced analytics and notifications for events such as wrong way drivers. Underlying these systems are robust routers, firewalls, switches, and cabling infrastructure that keeps everything connected and communicating. Integral Blue maintains all of this equipment in addition to the field infrastructure, ensuring that invaluable data from cameras and sensors on the road is able to reach the TOC operators and first responders that need it the most.

MDOT has 3 primary Transportation Operation Centers that monitor traffic and manage traffic incident responses which include:

Statewide Transportation Operations Center (STOC), located in Lansing

Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center (SEMTOC), located in Detroit

West Michigan Transportation Operations Center (WMTOC), located in Grand Rapids

IB also maintains security systems, surveillance and dynamic signing for the Blue Water Bridge Transportation Operations Center (BWBTOC) in Port Huron which monitors international traffic crossings from the United States and Canada.

In addition to the network and infrastructure support services described above, IB also provides MDOT with ITS underground utility locating and staking services. To maintain high device availability, it is imperative to protect the underground power and communications infrastructure.

Finally, IB is responsible for the integration and testing of all Connected Vehicle (CV) Road Side Units (RSU). A new but increasingly adopted technology, CV infrastructure is being deployed across Michigan to prepare for the coming generation of vehicles that will be equipped to communicate both with each other and with roadside devices, such as traffic signals. CV brings with it the promise of safer and more efficient transportation through the rapid exchange of information on the roadway. MDOT has taken an aggressive approach to deployment of this technology over the last several years, deploying hundreds of installations in the Metro Detroit area alone. As part of the ITS Maintenance Contract, MDOT has trusted IB to be the sole integrator of RSUs throughout the state. Working directly with MDOT to ensure successful integration and testing of these devices in MDOT’s CV management system, IB is helping pave the intelligent roads of the future.

MDOT ITS Network and Infrastructure Support Services

Maintaining Safer and Smarter Communities in Michigan

MDOT’s Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) allows TOC control room operators to view all camera footage, post messages to Dynamic Message Signs, view vehicle detection data and respond to incidents in near-real time. Responses may include posting messages on an upstream DMS or alerting emergency responders of traffic incidents and accidents.

Not only do these network communications expedite response times, live camera footage also allows emergency response teams to view details of traffic incidents before they arrive on the scene. These details can assist with crucial decisions such as the safest direction to enter the traffic incident or what other road hazards may be present to watch out for.

SEMTOC and STOC facilities use this real time data to dispatch MDOT’s Freeway Courtesy Patrol (FCP). FCP drivers then provide disabled vehicles with roadside assistance, remove stranded vehicles or debris from roadways and provide other various services to drivers, pedestrians and stranded motorists.

The valuable information collected from ITS technology can help drivers save time by being more informed and most importantly, helps save lives by mitigating potential accidents.

MDOT has tasked Integral Blue to make sure these crucial ITS components of their transportation network are always up and running and operating as efficiently as possible.

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