Washtenaw Countywide Interconnect System Headend Maintenance

Project Summary

Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) maintains over 260 traffic signals. Integral Blue (IB) modernized this system with the Washtenaw Countywide Interconnect System Upgrade, integrating approximately 75 key intersections into a connected wireless communications network managed by advanced traffic management software. IB implemented the best tools available in Traffic/ITS technology to reduce congestion, increase stability of the traffic network, improve cybersecurity, and have a solid foundation that allowed for future growth.

Following the Interconnect System upgrade integration, IB works collaboratively with Washtenaw County’s traffic engineering group, traffic signal maintenance, and the Washtenaw County IT department to provide ITS traffic network headend maintenance. IB supports several critical components of the Interconnect system, including the video management system for cameras. IB further provides maintenance for the back-end communication system for the traffic signal network, which includes both licensed and unlicensed radio monitoring. IB also supports a Solar Winds network monitoring software that monitors network performance and device availability. This system provides real-time network health information, reporting, and troubleshooting.

Unlike other maintenance contracts with direct technician field deployments, IB provides active engineering head end engineering and monitoring support. This allows the for WCRC’s field staff to augment their staff with IB’s head-end engineering team provide maintenance resolution recommendations. WCRC’s staff is then able to more quickly diagnose problems and more effectively resolve network interruptions, accomplishing more with their work force.

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